The Trappe Door

2 thoughts on “The Trappe Door”

  1. I visited Trappe Door on Friday night after stopping in on the Indie Craft Parade event. I totally agree with your assessment of the restaurant. I was a good experience, but not great. The wine was a small pour for the price, I thought… our food was good, but not mind blowing. I had the pork cherry sausage with mushroom onion gravy and mashed potatoes with leeks… we tried the duck spring rolls and shrimp croquette too. Your review is right on. I’m working on one for later this morning for Gap Creek Gourmet.

  2. Just found your blog. We’re hoping for a weekend trip to your area in the coming months. Without a doubt, we’ll checkout your restaurant reviews here. Are there any “must do”‘s that we definitely shouldn’t miss?

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