The Tobacco Trail through Orangeburg County, Part 2

4 thoughts on “The Tobacco Trail through Orangeburg County, Part 2”

  1. Tom – I love following your adventures in retirement. Keep them up! I have driven much of 301 to this point (GA to Santee/Summerton) and have been always interested in the history of these pre-Interstate thoroughfares.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pix and postcards of this section. It’s sad how much the old Santee area along old 301 has gone down since I-95 opened. Old timers may recall there was once a restaurant in Santee that featured the then-new craze, Col. Harlan Sander’s Kentucky Fried Chicken. This was when the chicken was sold in restaurants, before the stand-alone franchise fried chicken places started popping up. There was also once an air museum and airstrip in Santee that featured rides in an old Ford Tri-motor! All long gone, sadly.

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