The Remote Savannah

4 thoughts on “The Remote Savannah”

  1. Great trip! I’ve been to Burton’s Ferry and the abandoned bridge is fascinating.
    You are correct about 301 once being one of the major routes to Florida. It shriveled up after I-95 was built. If you drive it all the way from the GA state line to the NC/SC state line you may find more abandoned motels. Now that would be an interesting photo essay, and please share them, here and on the “Abandoned, Old and Interesting Places in South Carolina” facebook page…

  2. Ebay is a good source of advertisement postcards of old hotels and restaurants along US 301 (and elsewhere). It is possible to capture the auction image and using Google Streetview create a before and after photo essay of abandon relics of US 301 prior to I-95.

    1. Great suggestion. I had forgotten about those. I had checked the SC Memory website, but my initial browsing didn’t turn up much. There may also be some materials on or Library of Congress.

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