From Flickr to Panoramio

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    1. If there is unlimited storage, then perhaps you guys need to change the text on your login screen. It would seem to indicate that only 2 GB of storage is free…

      Panoramio1.png.png by RndConnections on Aviary

  1. Good post Tom. I have hundreds of photos on Flickr but would like some of them to appear in Google Maps.

    The thought of migrating those photos to Panoramio is just too difficult to consider, even though I generally use Picasa to edit (crop) the photos before uploading to Flickr.

    Have you reconsidered the migration since this article?

    1. Bradley – the advent of Google+ made me think about it a bit more, but I still have some concerns. Google wants full-sized images. However, the security measures for Panoramio are non-existent. I guess if I were to re-size and somehow digitally sign the EXIF data it would be a bit better. I may yet do that for some images.

      Flickr’s got problems, no doubt. It’s outdated and its user interface is the pits. However, for the price nothing beats it as a long-term digital storage for images. Google+ automatically resizes your images, so you can’t store the original size online. Even then, it suffers from the same security problems as Panoramio.

  2. I also migrated from Flickr to Panoramio, mainly for the reason that the mapping on Flickr was so poor, and no one ever saw my pictures, but with Panoramio, I can reach a much wider audience on Google Earth/Maps.

    I too only post photos in places where other photos have not already been places.
    I spent extensive time in remote, rural areas or Yunnan province, China, and I’ve been able to add hundreds of photos in unique locations where no photos existed before.

  3. Thanks for the favorable mention in this blog! I’ve seen you have some nice photographs on Google Earth.

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