Facebook and Professional Boundaries

2 thoughts on “Facebook and Professional Boundaries”

  1. HYSTERICAL!! I do hope you intend to let the teachers know (of course, in a low key nonthreatening way.) I discovered yesterday that a big district (no need to be secretive–it’s Charleston County School District) has created both a District Twitter account and a District Facebook fan page. Funny to me because CCSD has one of the most inflexible filter managers I have EVER seen (and I refuse to blame the ever necessary filter, but instead those that run it.) I know because I was invited to Wando a few years ago to do a pto sponsored event on FB and other SN sites, and they would not unblock some of the content I wanted to use–I had to download and/or screenshot everything I was using! I would love to see Facebook opened, but then again, I use it primarily as a networking tool with other educators, though I do also connect with family members from time to time too. I’ve seen the questionable uses of it, and that rather fluid privacy policy that Facebook keeps “tweaking” also keeps me from fighting for FB to be available. It’s a nice tool to use, but one I am content to use at home and though my own personal email account, and not my school account. GREAT case study to use at new teacher orientation, that’s for sure. This could also be a great staff development opp for future reference on those limited SD days (the ones that were not eliminated with furlough days. Sigh..

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