Cypress Adventures – Part 2, Ebenezer Creek

2 thoughts on “Cypress Adventures – Part 2, Ebenezer Creek”

  1. I grew up in a 150 y.o. brick house {my parents had 3 over their lifetime} so I noticed that brick construction right away. True brick construction is double walled with what is called a “tie layer” where the bricks are laid 90 degrees to the wall to connect the 2 walls together. Practically all brick houses have the tie layer every 7th layer or so, there can be a lot of variation.
    Having a tie brick on each layer not only makes the construction considerably more expensive, but also much stronger. The small brick building next to The Bohemian restaurant in Greenville is built like that. I asked the owner, and he told me it used to be a Wells Fargo bank.

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