A Messiah Weekend

2 thoughts on “A Messiah Weekend”

  1. You’ve “done” Messiah “many, many times”? what a blessing! I drove 200 miles round trip Friday evening, and paid $45 each for 2 tickets, to hear you at the Peace Center. My first ever time attending an event there. It was a fantastic experience, and the best Messiah performance I’ve heard. Thanks to you and all who had a part in this performance. By the way, I’ve done it once, attended live performances about 5 times, and listened to recordings of it for hundred of hours. I cannot imagine doing it 3 times in 24 hours like you did. Wonderful!

    1. Richard – thanks for your kind words, and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the concert. I guess “many, many” is an exaggeration, but I have done it lots. It’s fun to sing.

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