Visiting Cross Hill and Mountville – Part 2

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  1. My husband and I have lived in Cross Hill for two years now, and today for the first time explored the park and the area around the old Cross Hill school. We also peeked into broken windows and open doors and lamented at the fact that the building had just been let go. I suppose in a city such as this one, there are not funds to keep an old building like that up and running. A search into the history of the school led me to your blog today. Have you since found out any information about the school? The year it was built or the dates it was in operation? I would love to learn more about it.

    1. Aimee, I was able to find some more information in a State Historic Preservation Office survey of Eastern Laurens County. It had this to say about the high school…

      In 1920, the Cross Hill High School was constructed on Liberty Springs Road. The two-story brick building contained twelve classrooms and a large auditorium. The building was used for local white children until consolidation, now local children are transported to Clinton to attend school. The High School building is now used as warehouse space for Byars Machinery.

  2. I grew up beside the old school house from 1980 until 1995. If you have any questions about it I’d be glad to answer them if I can

    1. Do you know who owns it, or if there are any plans for it in the future? It would make a great reception hall for weddings and events if restored. The windows and doors are now boarded up and it doesn’t look like anything will be done to it.

    2. Hi Sammy,
      my partner recently inherited a piece of property not far from the school house. do you know any of the history of the open fields and creek near there? his family from there have all but vanished and trying to piece together some history. Thanks!

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