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  1. Tom, I certainly understand your budget constraints and need to find a lower TCO solution for your school. As Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Novell, it’s a need we hear from our customers regularly, and having worked with several in the education industry, was wondering if you’ve ever considered making the switch from Windows to Linux?

    At Novell, we offer SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, the market’s only enterprise-quality Linux that offers leading market-usability, seamless interoperability with Windows, and dozens of essential productivity applications including an office suite, web browser, email, instant messenger, multimedia, photo management, among others. By adopting SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell, we’ve helped businesses to dramatically reduce costs, improve end user-security, and increase productivity. You may want to check out more about our desktop Linux solutions at

    In addition, we have a great success story in which we partnered with Lenovo to deliver laptops pre-loaded with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop to students at San Diego Unified School District, the second largest school district in California, in order to meet the education and mobility needs for the school’s Always-On Learning initiative. You want want to check this out at:

    Finally, regarding TCO savings, I’d love to point you to one of our technology partners, Omni Technology Solutions. They’ve created a Linux vs. Windows TCO calculator on their website (, that shows how much customers can save through a Multiple SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop solution. For instance, in a typical scenario of 30 stand-alone Windows PCs in a classroom, replacing those PCs with 5-6 Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop solution could achieve northwards of a 60% TCO savings. They have a very strong track record of helping out customers in the education vertical —

    Hope this provides helpful information — feel free to contact me if you need any more information.

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