Tigerville Ramble

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  1. Thank you for your Tigerville Ramble, especially the Highland Baptist Church photos. My greatGrandparents, John B Kelley and Martha Percilla Ward (his 2nd wife) plus his sister Lizzie Amanda Kelley, are buried at Highland Baptist Church. Nearby are the graves of the Rev. Alex D Bowers and wife Mary Center. Rev Alex Bowers was a founder of Highland Baptist Church. Rev Bowers fostered John B Kelley, after the latter’s father Henry Kelley died (Dec 1857)while building Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel in Oconee County. My Grandfather considered Rev Bowers to be his Grandfather.

    1. oops I made a mistake. Sentence should read “My greatGrandparents, John B Kelley and Martha Percilla Ward (his 2nd wife)and their daughter Lizzie Amanda Kelley, are buried at Highland Baptist Church.

      1. Very interesting, and thanks for the info! I would have explored Highland’s cemetery a bit more if I’d not had such a headache. Now I’ll definitely need to go back.

  2. I find your exploration and pictures along the Tigerville area very interesting since my ancestors were some of the original settlers in that area. Eliah Dill was married to Elizabeth Stewart; Enoch Sparks who had a daughter Desdamonia. She married Uriah Dill son of Elijah. When they left that area they moved to NW Alabama. Milray Baptist church near Greer as well as the old original Tigerville Baptist Church are part of my family history. My 4th gr grandfather was a judge ordinary in Greenville County prior to his death. If you have anything on these families or these two churches Iwould love to review it.

  3. I recall stories from my mother that the original Highland school was beyond the cemetery but in later years it was moved across the road from the church. I attended Highland school in 1950 and the school was at the site of the current parsonage for Highland church. I don’t remember when the school was moved, someone older than me may remember that.

    1. Beattie, I find it fascinating that you attended the school. That is very cool. I’ve still not been able to locate the school on Google Earth, and I’m not sure which house is the parsonage. Do you remember anything about the school, such as architectural features, and what it looked like?

  4. Glad you had a good time! I’m also rather curious about the location of Highland School. I checked the 1959 USGS quad map for the Tigerville quad and no school was marked in Highland. I may have to start checking property records when I have time.

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