The Tobacco Trail through Allendale County

5 thoughts on “The Tobacco Trail through Allendale County”

  1. I really enjoy your extensive coverage of 301 ! My first experience on 301 was way back in ’89 when I traveled from Greenville to Daytona. I certainly wish I had taken pictures back then. It is amazing how much has been lost over the years. I am very happy to see that the Lobster House sign in Allendale has been fixed up! It had been neglected for many years. I also noticed that the coffee house further north has been restored. 301 is about as close to the east coast equivalent of route 66 as I think you can get. It is great to see those that are blessed to own what is left of these historic properties along the highway begin to preserve them.

  2. The motel on the north end of Allendale on the left with a 2 story center was the Plantation Motel. There are postcard pictures of it. My family owned it from 1961-1979.

    1. Hi Gloria: I was reading this article and the picture jogged my memory. I drove with some college buddies from Washington D.C. to Tampa for spring break in 1976 and we stayed at the Plantation Motel. The manager/owner was really nice to us (4 college boys headed south would raise suspicion on any motel owner’s part). I just remember the drive being quite an adventure in SC and GA with so many billboards, roadside businesses, and a fair amount of traffic. I am just surprised none of the cities along there has put up signs on I-95 to attract visitors to take this route south. People are so tired of driving boring freeways. Anyway, I sure wish I could take that trip again.

  3. During my Army days in parts of 1959 and 1960 the Interstate Truck Stop was halfway between Ft. Stewart, Ga. and Columbia, SC. On weekend passes I and others in our travel group ate lunch there on Saturday heading home and supper returning to Ft. Stewart. The reason I remember this Truck Stop is the beautiful blonde waitress that worked there. Her initials were L. H.

  4. the white building with a stoplight on front was Dukes bbq. orange building after the interstate truck stop pictures was Bonanza Mexican restaurant. everything good in this town ends up an abandoned building full of memories.

    interstate truck stop is neat to wander around in. although there is a no trespassing sign on the front now, i turned it into a photo opportunity one day. as soon as you walk in, cassette tapes left on the front counter, couches, a toilet (with the seat mysteriously duct taped in the down position-to avoid any arguments ???), yarn and other sewing materials in a closet, car seats, a desk and chair in a tiny office room (?) that would drive one mad from claustrophobia, among other items eerily left behind, give this place an “abandoned, yet frozen in time” feeling.

    I’ve been up and down this road all my life, and every time i see that rusted sombrero sign, it reminds me of my grandad way out in ulmer getting up from watching the tv saying, “I think I’ll go take a siesta.”

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