The Shrub Comes to Furman, Part One

4 thoughts on “The Shrub Comes to Furman, Part One”

  1. I’ve been loosly following this story for a while. Thanks for putting the facts out there. It really is interesting that he is coming. Wheather you agree with his politics or not, the PRESIDENT is speaking at graduation.

  2. 7:oo. Ironic that WMUU is broadcasting the Mahler concert that the GSO and Chorale did. Hmmm. Listen to the Mahler or tune in to graduation? Rrrright. 🙂 Mahler; here I come!

  3. Interesting perspective, considering the faculty connection and all.

    Although it’s defensible, in the end I agree with you about the tee shirt moment. I’ve wondered who those folks were, just out of curiosity. Were they full-time faculty? Dr. Crowe has been interviewed in all of this… was he one of the tee shirt wearers?

  4. They are all full-time, and I can just about guarantee that they are all tenured. I know most of them personally, and can see them doing something like this.

    Speaking of tenure, we have several new people in Laura’s department. Amongst themselves they seriously discussed the ramifications of simply signing the letter because they didn’t yet have tenure.

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