The Sad Fate of Chappells

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    1. Thanks for posting this. I live in Chappells SC. The only thing I have at this time is a 1900 map of the town. I will be looking for the books you listed.

  1. I lived in Chappells, S.C. when I was a child and attended school there. I understand that the school that was used in 1940 is no longer there. I would like to know if anyone has a picture of that school. It seemed to be rather large but only two classrooms were used to house seven grades. It had a library and an auditorium and large kitchen/cafeteria which were not used. The student population was not very large, only three people in my class in the fifth grade.

    1. The school is still there. It’s a community center now. With many pictures of “Old Cgappells” lining the hall way.

      1. I’ve photographed the old school many times, but I didn’t know there were old photographs in there. I would love to visit and view them!

    2. When my mother, who was born in 1925, went to that school, there was a tornado one year that took the entire roof off of the school and set it down on the field a mile or so away. Students and teachers were in the building at the time, but no one was hurt. We left Chappells in 1964. My brother and sister and I attended school in Silver Street in Newberry, and the old school and Chappells was serving more or less as a community center. The bookmobile used to pass by there periodically, and I remember my mother taking me there to check out books. I also remember a very long slide that I played on there. The dirt road that we lived on, Blackmon road, was named after my grandfather. Was named after my grandfather. He and my grandmother had nine children, which were used to jokingly say was half the population of Chappells. No descendants live there anymore, although my parents and all of my grandparents are buried in the Chappells Baptist church cemetery.

  2. That school is still there(LARGE BRICK STRUCTURE) and they have had some small reunions….U.S.Post Office is still operational and a nice country store is there also.
    Thomas Chappell
    Newberry, SC now residing in Greenwood,SC

    1. Hi Thomas,
      My Chappells were born in Newberry. I visited Chappells, SC. I was delighted to have my photo taken at the post office. I was a postmaster and a Chappell descendant. My Great Grandfather was James Burden Chappell. I’ve never figured out how or why he got to this “neck of the woods”. From what I’ve read, maybe on the lam? Seriously!

    2. My great great grandfather was listed in the 1870 census as John Chapels a ferryman born in 1830 married to Lucy. Their grandson Will Chappells was my mother’s father he ( Will) mother was Lola Garner.His brother Thomas ran the saw mill in Newberry.

    1. Mark, that’s the school I remember seeing, and it’s probably the one Thomas meant. The old two-story school is the one that’s no longer standing.

    1. My mother was a Chappell & lived there until 1928, when her family moved to Newberry. Her father, John Henry Chappell sold the family farm & whatever business concerns he had there. counsin of mine traced the Chappell line back directly from me to England & France. Our ancester was the Captain of the Speedwell, the sister ship of the Mayflower. A more distant ancester was with William the Conquerer at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. We’re French evidently. Family settled in Virginia in the 1600’s & moved to SC in the 1700’s. I wish my mother had taken me there & shown me around. She would have been 100 yrs. old this year. Thanks for all of the comments & info. It’s greatly appreciated.

      1. My sister and I are the last of the direct Chappell line. I have found some discrepancies in some of your comments and findings. Most of the geneological data that you now have access to today, is that of Robert E. Chappell and then later my father Thomas Henry Chappell son of John Henry Chappell who passed in 1973. Capt. John Chappell of the Speedwell was as far back as he got. As of late, we have finally discovered his father, Sir Robert Chappell of England who orginally came from Ireland. There were cousins in France but nothing direct. So just to set the record straight, we are not french. I am puzzled at who you are and who your mother was. So is my father your cousin?

        1. I believe that you may not be the last. Thomas Chappell may be the grandfather to my great grandfather Tom Chappell iii.

          1. Tom Chappell I know is my great grandfather who was married to Eliza Wallace Chappell.

        2. My mother Lucille Chappell Lindsay’s father was Will Chappell whose mother Lola Garner Chapell was married Thomas Chappell b 1854 whose father John was listed as a ferryman. And a mulato. In the 1870 census.

        3. you are not the last direct of the chappell line…there are many of us. my great grandmother is sara crosby chappell, grew up in the mayfield plantation house.. her father was charles thompson chappell…i am also a direct decendant of capt. john chappell is he 12x my great grandfather…

        4. do you know how many children the chappells had? to think that you are the only two direct decendants is absurd…my family has the entire family tree starting from capt. john chappell’s grandfather mapped. and also, captain john chappells father isn’t robert chappell, robert chappell is his grandfather.

  3. My family are slave descendants from/very near Chappells. (Moon) Oddly, your research on this town and the other side of my family (Lost Towns/Atomic Towns) who are from Meyer’s Mill, have helped me trace my family history very far. If you have any information on township of “Moon” it would be awesome. I have traced it to of course Dr. Peter Moon and have seen his slave schedules but didn’t know if you had any pictures, geographical coordinates etc…

    1. Hi, I am a Moon descendent also. I am looking for information on Anderson Moon, my maternal grandfather, whom my mom never met. He was born around 1911 and spent a year working in Westfield, NJ in 1929-1930.

    2. My name is Malcolm Lindsay Allen . My greatgrandfather Henry Lindsay lived in Moons he had 13 children wound up in Lauren’s and then Cincinnati, Ohio in 1918 1919. The Lindsay’s Hailstocks, Davis ‘s the Cannons in South Carolina in Greenwood and Cincinnati are the same.

  4. Im from Chappell and remember some of the old structures . Seems like it use to be a very thriving community. I grew up there in the 1980s

  5. My father’s family was from Chappells. We loved the little town. We played in the cotton warehouse and roamed through the woods. In the summer we picked blackberries. We swam in Lake Greenwood. It was a great place for kids!

  6. I was raised in Chappells and truly miss the country living…There’s nothing on earth that compares to it…we lived down a dirt road not far from the post office..played in the creek behind our house and was even able to drink from it back then..I’m 50 now and really miss the good times in Chappells…

    1. I am 50 and grew up in Chappells. I lived there from 1966 to 1988.The dirt road you grew up on is Blackmon Rd. As a boy I worked at the country store beside the post office.

      1. Blackmon Road is named after my grandfather, who build a house on that road. I lived there in that house and Chappells from age 3 to age 8, moving to Columbia in 1964 with my parents. I have amazing memories of the years that I spent there, and my parents and all of my grandparents are buried in the cemetery at Chappells Baptist church.

  7. They are constructing a Dollar General store directly across from Post Office… A resurgence may be forth coming…We will see.

  8. My name is Jonathan Daniels my grandfather is Thomas Henry Chappell son of John Henry Chappell this whole town is named after my family and I’m very glad to see its history preserved on the internet .

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      I’m from the Chappells there! We are probably related. I’m on ancestry and have DNA done. My Great Grandfather was James Burden Chappell. Have any photos?

  9. My family lived at Dead Fall (George Lucious Ligon Brooks family) and at Chappells (the Foshee family). My great grandfather Eugene Hamilton Foshee died in 1945 from kidney cancer. He was a dairyman there. His first wife was Nelle Margaret Ward. She was killed by a broken back in a car accident in 1929. If I remember correctly, they slammed on brakes and a hog in the back of the truck came through the back window and killed her. Eugene H. Foshee’s mother was Sara Frances (Fannie) Davis. I would like to know who his father was and anything about these people that anyone knows.

  10. If anyone has any information on Crossroads Baptist Church established in 1814 I would love to know all can I am part of the rebirth of this church… a new pastor has taken over and we had one living member as of Sunday past we now have 19… We are planning a fall festival in Nov 2018 and I’d love to put together a history presentation

  11. What is the building out on Hwy 39 with the skulls painted in each upper corner of the front of the building? Looks freshly painted. building is solid white and the windows are blacked out. Passed by it two days ago (11/22/18). Looks very strange. Like a cult or White Supremist gathering hall. I could be way off so don’t crush me if its a local quilting group meeting hall.

    1. Not sure what it is now, but it used to be a bait shop called “Crenshaw’s”. The bait shop owner put the skulls there, but they deteriorated. A storm wiped out the last of them.

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