The Rain in Maine Falls Plainly on the Insane

4 thoughts on “The Rain in Maine Falls Plainly on the Insane”

  1. The first image (a lighthouse) and some others suggest (of course) Andrew Wyeth paintings. Which brings to mind a question: if a photo could be a “Wyeth,” what would it look like, and how would you get it there? Within the realm of the photo, of course. Much like, in the Allen electronic organ world, the thought is not “that is a harpsicord sound,” but rather “what would a harpsicord sound like if it were an organ stop/setting?” Can a photo be edited to capture even further the essence of “Wyeth” and be a photo?

  2. some excellent pictures…
    I am heading up through Maine in a couple of weeks to Canada and I plan to spend a couple of days in Freeport and search out a few lighthouses to take some pics of.
    I hope to do it without the rain though…

  3. you wont find lighthouses near to Freeport. Portland has two good ones. If you go to Boothbay and board a local ferry you can see a good lighthouse in that area. At Math Maine and the famed Kennebec River there are some great lighthouse to find
    off hard to find trails–but the effort is worth it.

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