The Mills of the Pacolet River Basin – Part One, Glendale

14 thoughts on “The Mills of the Pacolet River Basin – Part One, Glendale”

  1. I can identify with your opening comments. Happens here too.

    One day it would be cool to check out the rock ledges just upstream from Glendale. I have seen it on Google Earth, but never been over to the site in person.

    Enjoyed the post a lot.

    1. We definitely need to get back over there. The rock ledges you mentioned were part of the Wofford Iron Works. There is a chute carved into the rock that makes a great kayak run. I’ve been wanting to try it out.

  2. Another interesting one, Tom. Regarding the name of the grocery store, I’m pretty certain that it is Hopper’s Groc. I found another link entitled “Glendale Merchants – From the Early 1900’s Through 1970’s” ( ). The third paragraph in the article states that: “LeMaster’s Grocery was one of the cluster of moderate size wood frame store buildings/businesses located at the west end of the Glendale Bridge. The building and business was owned and operated by John C. LeMaster. It was stocked with a good variety of groceries along with a limited supply of fresh meats. Having a storage room adjoining the building, a good variety of feeds for animals and pets were also stocked. Limited delivery was made when requested, Mr. LeMaster operated the store for many years before his retirement in 1941 at which time the business was sold to Elbert C. Hopper.” Hopper seems to fit the look of the sign on the store in the old photo. Please keep ’em coming….

  3. I too identify w/your opening comments, I enjoy your blog very much and at times take myself on imaginary trips to see all of these historical places. There is a mill off of Highway 11 in Fingerville that I would like to explore.

    1. If you look at the damn from the bridge, the mill was on the left of the river. It sat along the edge of the water. I watched the mill burn down on Halloween night. I grew up in Fairmont.

  4. The mill was across from the old Baptist church in your pic the other church is the Methodist church where my family is buried i cam gove you any info you need.

  5. If you need any info on Fairmont my grand father worked there the old house was my cousins my sister still lives on the parents or burried at the Methodist church the one you called Baptist.

  6. Not sure if this blog is still active but to give you a small piece of background on the Fairmont Mill. My great grandfather CP Mathews owned that mill around 1900. Not sure when he purchased the mill but it was closed by floods sometime in the early 1900’s. He did sell what was left and the property before 1910. Don’t have the name of the company that bought the mill. My great grandfather was active in the cotton trade through the 1950’s.

  7. Great pictures of Glendale. If you still haven’t found the Fairmont mill, it is on the west bank of the Middle Tyger river, just upstream from the bridge. There is still one low brick wall standing, facing the river. You can park at the corner of Fairmont and Sunset Cir., directly across from the Unity Church. There’s an old paved driveway that you can pull into, parallel to the river. I was there on 10/19/16.

  8. I love the random stack of books at that one house you photographed. Somehow I seem to have missed everything awesome about Glendale! I must go back now that you’ve opened my eyes. The Wofford Labyrinth is really cool. I didn’t know about that. A lot of this I didn’t know about. Your post, as always, are extremely informative and interesting to read. I make it a point now to always see if you’ve written about any place that I plan on visiting.

  9. I moved to Glendale from Spartanburg last year and love it. I used to drive around the town and liked seeing the shoals, and what was left of the old Mill. I sold my house in Spartanburg, and decided to drive through Glendale. Low and behold a For Sale sign had just gone up in front of a cute, well cared Mill house. I bought it the next day. I like the small town feel, that takes you back to a simpler time. I enjoy walking the dogs by the shoals, and seeing the ruins. Soon the bridge will be complete, adding another attraction. Wofford is a great asset, and hopefully they will restore the “mansion” soon.

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