The Ghost Towns of Lake Marion, Part 3 – The Water Rises

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  1. Thank you for these three write-ups on Ferguson and Church Island. You found the answers to several questions that Doug Bostick’s book left open. I grew up in Sparkleberry swamp where my father had a cabin and we spent a lot of time after cabin was torn down in 1972 in the Ferguson area. Never knew the road bed was the railroad. Especially appreciate you overlaying the old map onto Google Earth. Makes the picture so much clearer. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Can anyone tell me about a plantation/farm…Quackenbush? My grandmother and her twin brother were born there in 1911..I think it must be one that was flooded but we cant find any information on it. In our old records from family members it just says Quackenbush Plantaton Clarendon County.
    thank you for any information or leads for me to follow
    sherri mcclendon

    1. Quackenbush is in Summerton, SC 29148 which is in Clarendon County SC.
      Google Wyboo Swamp.
      Quackenbush is 2 coves over from Wyboo (next to Grimes creek)
      One of my Uncles T. Walden Elliott (assumed) drowned (in his early 20’s) at Quackingbush in 1957. He was last seen wading in the water about waste deep and became missing. Later he was found in only about chest deep water. I hope this helps in your search.

      1. thank you so much..forever everyone has looked at me like I am crazy when I ask about Quackenbush…cant wait to forward the info to someof the family.

        1. You are quite welcome.
          I was born in Clarendon County which is rich with history, especially Revolutionary War.
          General Francis Marion had many of his excursions here. I fact in a boat, leaving Quackenbush, you would roll out right toward the I-95 bridge, and cross Lake Marion. Pond Bluff Plantation (Marion’s) home place is underwater there not too far from Quackenbush.
          I’ll try to do some Quackenbush research for you. I’ve never heard it called a plantation before, but that makes sense, and how the community got its name.

    2. Sherri my father was born in 1912 and I have vague memories of him talking about Quackenbush.You might try to contact Tim Oliver his father owned a lot of property in that area.

      1. Roston..thank you so much..I would love to find some old photos of those days in hopes of finding maybe old family pictures..most of my old pictures are from my ggrandmother..,Onie Babb…her mother was Fannie Abercrombie..its the Grumbles side of the family I am curious about…they were mostly from Laurens. I will try to ask Tim Oliver..thanks again sherri

  3. I have sure enjoyed this story.told so well I can see,the pictures were so clear.
    Thank You for a great piece,I guess I had never really new the story,I will look forward to more,

  4. Thank you so much for this series. I have lots of family around the Eutawville/Santee area and spent much of my childhood with them on and near the lake. I have always heard bits and pieces about the “underwater town” and such, but never so much in one place. Being a bit of a history geek myself, it was particularly interesting. If you make it back to the area, just down from Bell’s marina and Ferguson landing road, you can see the Eutaw Springs battlefield. Might catch that next time. There is/was an old pitcher pump there that has some of the cleanest, freshest water I have ever drank. When I was little (some 30+ years ago) I remember seeing the bubbles as the water bubbled up from the spring in the edge of the lake there.

  5. Love this article!!!!!! During my studies of Lake Marion for the last twenty five years I’m missing bits and pieces of the puzzle.I have seen maps of Francis Marions Plantation at two different locations.If you or you know of someone that has a map older than 1960 please email me( information I’m seaching for may be on older maps.Ok for you Lake Marion trivia folks out there heres a good one.If you are a true Lake Marion history buff you might know this?When Lake Marion was flooded what is now know as Wyboo Creek what name was it called then ?Please email answers.

  6. This was a great series of articles, Tom. I enjoyed reading them.

    I’m wondering if Ferguson is an ancestor of mine. Both my father and my brother are named Benny Ferguson. Most of our family is from the south, though.

  7. Can you tell me where exactly Pond Bluff Plantation is located? There is a forgotten cemetery there of about 103 graves. I am interested in pictures of this area to record. The lake at this time is low.

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