The Ephemera of Life

3 thoughts on “The Ephemera of Life”

  1. “The Second Coming of Jesus” must have been a popular book in the Gray Court community back in the day, as I have the same one. It belonged to my great grandfather Duff Owens who farmed in GC and went to Warrior Creek Baptist Church. At some point, his daughter (my grandmother) owned it and as young girls do, she scribbled and doodled in the book, writing the names of her beaus, poetry, etc., plus the dates of birth of all her siblings. It was like finding genealogical gold.

  2. I think the insurance policy was “burial insurance” and pretty common. It would cover funeral and burial expenses and maybe a little more. If I remember correctly, these were term policies that the insured could role into permanent policies after age 18 or maybe 21. Your coverage seems kind of high for the time, though.

    I love these kinds of primary documents, even the ones to read and dispose of. It’s fun to speculate about who was thinking what at what time and why.

  3. We fond a letter that Dad wrote to Mom. It’s tenderness shocked many of the children and grandchildren. Always interesting items.

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