The Elements

2 thoughts on “The Elements”

  1. Cool! I rather like seeing all four images on the same print myself. I too like the monochrome. One variant would be to use a form of selective color to print each image in a color dominant to that concept. For example, yellows and oranges (a range of closely related hues) for the fire, blue/greenspurples for the water, earth tones for … earth, and I’d go grayscale for the wind shot, with some hints of greyed color (as grey is a neutral anyway that can have shades of blue or purple or whatever fit the scene originally).

    Another thought: there is an American Indian symbol that gets some use in health areas. I used an adaptation in a logo for one of our Clemson groups. It ties the elements together rather nicely, though the composition actually varies from versions to version. I don’t know, but maybe a color version of that (in the center 1/4) overlaying your images in the background in grayscale might look rather sharp too. Of course, there’d be the obvious need for an explanatory note so people know what the symbol is about and why it’s juxtaposed with the images.

    Cool stuff. I’m glad the Chemistry folks are looking for that sort of art expression.

  2. I like the images you selected. I wasn’t sure what you were up to when I saw them on Flickr yesterday.

    Even framed separately, I think they would look good arranged on the wall into a block as you are showing it here.

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