The Curative Powers of the Edisto

4 thoughts on “The Curative Powers of the Edisto”

  1. Another great write up, Tom! You mentioned “Deliverance” , next month I will be hiking the Chattooga and I believe the movie version of that book was partly filmed there. Another very secluded area (from what I read).

  2. It was filmed up there. If I remember correctly, they used the same section of rapids over and over, just shot from different angles.

    I’ve paddled all three sections of the Chattooga – Section II in my kayak, and Sections III & IV in rafts. There is also some great scenery for hiking. I need to get back up that way.

  3. Hey Tom! Glad we could paddle together again! No…contrary to your what your sun- and migraine-addled brain may be suggesting, we were NOT trying to get rid of you! All I would have to do to accomplish that would be to tell you something like Cris was discontinuing her sammich making. 🙂

    I do hate that we got seperated. The rope swing was fun…but definitely not the best situation and not worth the hassle.

    See you on the Tyger!

    1. You know, I looked at the geotagged photos from that beach and we were nowhere near where you showed me on the map. We were a LONG way from Mars Old Field at that point. No wonder it seemed like I paddled forever by myself.

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