The Bridges of Spartanburg County

7 thoughts on “The Bridges of Spartanburg County”

  1. I might be able to help.

    Could you post some pics of the framing, the two trusses and the upper lateraal bracing and the roof system, and another from below the bridge.

    And I’ll tell you what you have there.

  2. Will,

    I’d post them if I had them. I was only able to get two good shots from the road. Not knowing any more about the owners I didn’t want to trespass to get better shots, especially with “Keep Out” signs everywhere.

    I’m going to make some phone calls today and see if I can arrange a visit. If I get better photos I’ll certainly take you up on your offer. Thanks!

  3. Your pictures and comments are fascinating. You haven’t posted anything else regarding this covered bridge since Feb. Have you made any discoveries, such as owner, year it was constructed, etc.?

  4. the name of the bridge is Cushman Covered Bridge and was built in 1991. Go to Dale Travis’s web site of Round Barns and Covered Bridges for more details.

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