The Athens of Greenville

4 thoughts on “The Athens of Greenville”

  1. I remember the old Athens elementary school. It did remain open after the end of segregation.

  2. Thank you for making this page. My great grandmother was born in 1899 in Bates Township, and lived in Athens Town, Bates township per the 1900 census and her parents lived beside her. Glad to find a website about this section of town.

  3. I went to Athens Elementary School. We were the last group to attend a segregated school. That was 1976-77 when the school closed. I have relatives that still live by the old school. It’s a youth center or something now.

  4. I went to kindergarten and first grade at Athens Elementary. We were the last classes. This was in 1976, after that year they split us up amongst three schools depending on where you lived. I went to Slater-Marrietta along with many others, the rest went to the old TR Elementary ( the old high school where Gateway Park is now ), Ebeneezer on Old White Horse Rd, and Armstrong the original building. I have fond memories of Athens and made friendships that still thrive today. I ask that you dig a little deeper and interview some of the people that went there.

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