Teachers and Facebook

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  1. This is an issue, as you know, that affects not only teachers, but really all work places. I have seen things on co-workers Facebook that should not have been written. These coworkers sometimes friend each other and now that info becomes public.

    I also wonder about some teachers that take pictures in their classrooms and post them up on a blog or Facebook. Any strict rules on this? I’m talking about everyday, normal shots of kids at school.

    1. Good questions. In our district we have very strict rules about release of student images online. A teacher that posts unauthorized images like this could be in violation of FERPA laws.

      Part of my job is to guide teachers through those tricky waters and let them know what’s appropriate and what’s not. We try to provide appropriate venues for sharing student work.

      Often I have teachers tell me that I need to unblock so-and-so because students need access to certain websites to learn “21st Century Skills.” Usually they’re talking about social networking sites. I often point out that most employers block access to those sites, too.

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