Stumphouse Tunnel and Tunnel Hill

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  1. Last time I was in the tunnel the 2nd gate was locked and you couldn’t even get to the air shaft. I’m glad to see they opened it up again.

    I’ve been in there many times but to the end of the tunnel only once. It gets pretty creepy back there.

  2. Thank you so much for the photos of Tunnel Hill and Stumphouse Mtn Tunnel. My GreatGreatGrandfather Henry Kelly died during the construction in 1859. “the first occurred the week before Christmas, when Henry Kelly, a bankman [another term for supervisor], fell from the top of Shaft #2. As he fell he collided with a bucket coming up carrying James Collins who was knocked out of the Tunnelling basket. Both men fell to the bottom of the shaft, some 175 feet below. Collins was killed instantly, and Kelly died a few minutes after being removed.” page 39 in The Rocky Road to Nowhere Betty L. Plisco BLUE GRANITE BOOKS, Incorporated, Jan 1, 2003 – 115 pages is but one of many descriptions. Contemporary reports in the Keowee Courier provide more details and witness statements.
    I have been in the Tunnel several times but, not knowing where to look, never ventured “up the hill” to the cemetery where we believe Henry Kelly was buried. I wish there had been GPS and good maps when I lived in Clemson. Hopefully I will return soon.
    BTW while Clemson no longer uses the tunnel for cheese production, Clemson Blue is now made on campus and available. I am sure you know this but though other readers should know.
    I will be sending My family a link to this Blog entry. May I cite this link, with proper credit in my family research??? -eb

  3. Nice pics, and write up too!! I have been here as well, a really neat place of history. I have also heard stories that there are also two other tunnels?? Ever heard of them or been there??? Thanks for sharing. David Busick.

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