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  1. The Clyburn proviso you mentioned was widely reported and is true. There was a question regarding whether or not such a proviso would pass constitutioinal muster. The SC Supreme Court decided, as best I can tell, that the legislature has sole appropriation power, and could thus command the governor to apply for the money as part of that power. The legislature considered by-passing Sanford altogether and applying directly, but there was doubt concerning the constitutionality of the Clyburn proviso of the legislation. This is my understanding anyway.

    Regardless, Mr. Sanford’s arguments made no sense to me. What is troubling is that some folks bought what he is selling. I suspect he knew the buttons to push on their programming.

    Aside from the normal wear and tear on drives and other equippment, I’ve been troubled for a long time at how short a lifespan our computers have. Much of this seems to me to be because of the escallating demands of software. Seems to be a conspiracy of consumption. I fight this when I can (as for instance using a laser printer purchased in 95 that is IMO better than what is available today), but I also am aware of the newer technologies that get introduced and are superior to old technology.

  2. I support this rant! I have spoken the same words you have to family, friends, colleagues and more. Those without children, whose children are grown and gone, and the really rich are the only ones I know of who bought the crap the governor was spinning out. They are clueless. Posturing for his political ambitions for 2012 is all he accomplished, and he will further be an embarrassment to the state of SC then. All I have to say to him now is quack-quack you dumb lame duck. Maybe in his next adventure while he waits for 2012, he can work as a headmaster in a private school somewhere in the low county. You know, where most of the private schools are for rich WHITE kids. It would be such an honor and tribute to his family. ARGGG I feel my BP rising.

    As for the aging hardware infrastructure, I think all schools are facing similar plights. I am wondering how much longer districts can stay in the bed with Dell and Microsoft? How much longer will they ignore the many viable open source solutions for software so money formerly used there can be diverted to hardware??

    Just wondering.

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