So long S1, Hello S50

3 thoughts on “So long S1, Hello S50”

  1. Price?

    I got a Canon Powershot A630 Friday. 4x optical zoom, an optical viewfinder (v a digital one), flip screen, etc.. So far so good, though I haven’t had time yet to really learn it. Pretty decent macro mode, though I think that I need to use the spot focus to get better control. We’ll see. Right over $200.

  2. Oh, btw, the Panasonic was what I was looking at, largely due to great battery life and that 10x lens you refer to.

  3. I think the 10x lens is on a different model. I was looking at the pocket version, which is 3x. I had read about the battery life on the Panasonic. However, my experience with the Nikon battery is about as good.

    I’d love to see some of your shots with the new camera.

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