Seeking the Kingdom of Happy Land

2 thoughts on “Seeking the Kingdom of Happy Land”

  1. I followed along your route on my DeLorme StreetAtlas map, and it shows a Kingdom Pl {Place?} in Zirconia that turns R just after Bob’s Creek Rd off old 25 as you head N. It appears to head N toward the other side of the area where you turned around. Maybe it’s the other end of the road you turned around on?

    1. Interesting. I finally got a chance to look at this on the map and find Kingdom Place. If it is related, it’s much further south than I would have thought, based on the Patton map. It doesn’t look like Bell Mountain Road connects to it. However, the dirt road where I turned around does eventually connect to Mountain Page Road. I may approach it from that side.

      Some of the articles I’ve read mention Staunton Mountain, which seems to be closer to Mountain Page than Tuxedo. I may have to explore that area as well.

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