Seeking the Kingdom of Happy Land

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  1. I followed along your route on my DeLorme StreetAtlas map, and it shows a Kingdom Pl {Place?} in Zirconia that turns R just after Bob’s Creek Rd off old 25 as you head N. It appears to head N toward the other side of the area where you turned around. Maybe it’s the other end of the road you turned around on?

    1. Interesting. I finally got a chance to look at this on the map and find Kingdom Place. If it is related, it’s much further south than I would have thought, based on the Patton map. It doesn’t look like Bell Mountain Road connects to it. However, the dirt road where I turned around does eventually connect to Mountain Page Road. I may approach it from that side.

      Some of the articles I’ve read mention Staunton Mountain, which seems to be closer to Mountain Page than Tuxedo. I may have to explore that area as well.

  2. Those that know of The Kingdom will not share it’s location as it is held dear to the ones that know of it. Tuxedo is a small community of family and even if you were to ask someone if they know the location they may tell you yes but they will not show you how to get to it. It is also privately owned. I believe you got as close as you ever will to The Kingdom by the description you gave.

  3. I’m from tuxedo- just across the hill from the kingdom, very near the top of Bell Mtn. on land that’s been in my family for 200 years. Other than college and a stint in Uncle Sam’s Navy, I’ve been here the best part of 50 years. I’ve hiked and hunted these woods for years. Without completely giving it up, i’ll tell you that you rode right past the entrance road to the kingdom. And that yes, Kingdom Place is the other end of this road but it doesn’t come all the way through any longer. Unfortunately, entering the Kingdom these days isn’t advisable. If you’re seen by any of the large number of cameras in the woods, you are sure to find yourself in the Henderson County Jail. The Bell family sold the land to a company out of Asheville who has a large industrial hemp operation in full swing. Bet y’all didn’t know growing hemp was legal (for a few folks) in North Carolina. An old lady at church told me that her grandmother was sitting on her porch breaking beans when the freed slaves originally came up the road from the lake. Said she could hear them singing gospel songs long before she saw them and thought the angels were announcing the Rapture. The kingdom, I’ve been told, is one of only 2 kingdoms in the history of the US- the other being Hawaii. But I haven’t confirmed that.

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