Searching for Wolfe’s Angels – Part Two, The Search

3 thoughts on “Searching for Wolfe’s Angels – Part Two, The Search”

  1. Someone linked me to your post about the new DNR property in northern Greenville Co. and from there I am devouring all of your posts. I love your attention to research and all the points of your explorations. Intrigued by the Hope Diamond story connected to Evelyn Walsh, I looked further and discovered that it was actually Evalyn’s daughter, Evalyn McClean that married judge Reynolds. I strive for accuracy in my writing and know you do the same. I cannot wait to further explore your travels. Thank you for doing this and for sharing it with the world.

    1. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the correction. I’ll have to look back at my research so that I can see where I got that initial information.

  2. Tom
    There are two additional WO Wolfe Angels located at the old and overgrown location of the former Cromwell Hall Plantation. My brother Richard Pickette, Watson Brown, Douglas Pickett (thats me) have all been able to find the heavily overgrown cemetery and have photographed it.
    Please feel free to contact me and dollar to a doughnut you will have a part three to your W.O. Wolfe Angel articles!

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