Searching for Shoals Junction

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  1. Thanks for the trip! I had a great time and hope to do another again sometime. I’ll be a few more days before I have time to post my own take. In the meantime, a few questions about the depots we photographed have been answered thanks to this site:

    The Shoals Junction page has some close-up pictures of the depot we were forced to photograph from the street.

    The Donalds page identifies the red brick building as the P&N depot. And also that the blue wood building right next to it (now a residence) was the Southern Railroad depot which is the one shown in the railroad archives.

    The Hodges P&N page identifies the red brick building (like the one in Donalds) as an P&N depot. Another of its pages on Hodges identifies the ‘warehouse’ as a former P&N substation. According to their Southern Railroad depot in Hodges page, we missed that depot. Drat 🙁

  2. Some quick research confirms the school you found is indeed the Algary school. You nailed it! The property is currently owned by the same guy that runs I found a deed that lists the address of the school exactly where we found it.

  3. In your search for the Shoals Junction line. Do you remember every coming across any information about a Stagecoach Inn near Greenville Presbyterian church sometime between 1788 and 1795?

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