Robert Mills’ Atlas of South Carolina

8 thoughts on “Robert Mills’ Atlas of South Carolina”

  1. The resolution issue was a problem for me too. Seems a shame to have a nice, hi res screen of 24 or so inches, but not be able t see the detail sufficiently to be useful. This was the problem with the first few editions of the digitized National Geographic as well. Frustrating.

  2. Pher – that’s good to know. I figured the libraries would have a copy since the State Archives are making them available for purchase. I’ll have to run by there sometime.

  3. This atlas has helped alot. I own a piece of property on the south tyger river and believe one of the old mills concrete foundation for the water wheel is on it.
    I have been trying to find out what it is thought it was for an old road or possible abandoned rail way

    1. In this case “Mills” is the last name of the publisher of the atlas – Robert Mills. It doesn’t refer to an actual mill.

      1. I understood that. I guess my question was unclear. I was asking for advice on how to find more information on historical textile mills in general in Greenville, SC. In other words in your experience what are good sources to start with? (Mesuem archives, National Register of Historic Places, etc.)

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