Here are links to various files referenced in blog posts.  These include Google Earth KML/KMZ files, podcasts, audio, and video files.  Some of these are hosted on RandomConnections,and some are hosted off-site.


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Radio Appearances

Audio Files and Podcasts

Google Earth Files, Maps, and Related Files

  • Paddling South Carolina Rivers (KMZ) – A Google Earth file compendium of all the paddling trails and river access points in South Carolina
  • Local Paddling Venues (Google Maps) – A Google Maps link featuring short out-and-back paddling trips within a couple of hours of Greenville, South Carolina.  These were selected for their appeal to solo paddlers and because these locations (with a couple of exceptions) have fewer boat traffic.

View Local Paddling Venues in a larger map

  • South Carolina Hauntings (KMZ) – A Google Earth file companion to John Boyanoski’s Ghosts of Upstate South Carolina.  The file is also highlighted in the Google Earth Community Layer.
  • Greenville History Tour (KML) – A Google Earth file based on a tour created by the Greenville County Library.  The file is also highlighted in the Google Earth Community Layer.  NOTE – the KML file links to images located on the library’s server.  These images files have been moved, so the links are now broken.  I’ll fix it when I get a chance.
  • My Paddling Resume (KMZ) – A Google Earth file of my paddling trips over the years.
  • Chernobyl Lessons (KMZ) – A Google Earth file demonstrating the interactive multimedia capabilities of Google Earth for the classroom.

Comments (2)

  1. Brad Cantrell

    I’m planning a paddle trip across SC in May of this year. I’ll be taking the Broad through Columbia and have been able to find info on all the dam portages except the one in Columbia. Any info about the best way to portage this dam will be greatly appreciated.


    Brad Cantrell

  2. David Wilkie

    Do you happen to have an updated “My Paddling Resume (KMZ)” file? I would love to see the trips you have made.


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