Remembering Merrittsville

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  1. In my search on on Ancestry shows my great,great ,grandparent’s by the name Farmers and Burrell’s lived in Merrittsville S.C lived .I typed in this name trying to find where they was from .Last year I also read about the play about Dark Corners never guessing they was connected. I want to know more .I feel my husbands family settled close ,Metcalf .Saluda or closer .Need to know more.

  2. I am a METCALF living right above the greenvill watershed we’ve been there 200 years which family are you be glad to help

    1. Hi,I’m married to Roger Keith Metcalf, youngest son of John Davis Metcalf his family an mine was a part of this place an Saluda. My grandparents was Burrells.Love to hear from you.

    2. I am the Great Granddaughter of James Andrew Broadus Middleton. I am looking for information on the original Middleton home place. I was told that the Greenville Water Shed bought Middleton property. George Washington Metcalf was married to Salena Middleton who was the daughter of James Washington Middleton. Do you have any information on the Middleton Family? My Grandmother was Sarah Francis Middleton who married Clarence Bradley.

  3. Hello – I just stumble upon your website.
    As I was working on my genealogy I noticed that Sarah Merritt
    Lived in Merrittsville, SC born about 1780.
    Looking forward to wandering around your site to see if she is apart of the city name.

    Nancy Kimzey Anderson

  4. Mr. Tom.
    In your readings and research have you come across the Wildwood Park. Every map that I have seen the even shows the Park, show it down under North Saluda Reservoir. But in one article, seems it is was up on the west side of Hogback Mtn. below the WSPA tower. It also mentions the “Winds” section of the trail also above Wildwood Park. I know of a resort up on the Hogback location, but never got a name for it or the exact location. Is that the Wildwood Park? Thank you sir. Hope you are all doing well.

    Tripp Clement

    1. Tripp, I did come across the name, but there wasn’t that much information about the park. I’ll have to see if I can find those notes.

  5. From what I’ve read, Wildwood Park was a resort for the Woodside Mill employees in the 1920’s. I’m sure that the swimming pool outline is is there and could even swear that I saw video of the it on PBS years ago.

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