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  1. I’ll guess it’s either the glass, a filter, or (more likely) shooting in raw and adjusting using whitebalance and other options. Seems to me that keeping the camera’s processing to a minimum, and making your own decisions in the digital dark room is the way to do this.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comments. I appreciate them very much.

    I can tell you exactly how I achieve the colors and hues in my images. While I am very fond of the low-light performance of my Canon EOS 5D and the glass I have accumulated over the years, I also shoot everything in RAW, adjust the color temperture and tint using Adobe Raw Converter and then use Photoshop CS2 to ‘tweak’ the colors.

    Commonly I go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and dial back substantially those colors that do not add to the shot. By doing so it accentuates the other colors in the image. For example, magentas in an image are notorious for detracting from the other colors in an image (unless of course they were intregal to the photograph in the first place). I will dial back the saturation to -80 or -100, depending on the situation. Cyans and blues call also affect an image.

    The second step is to duplicate the layer and use Image > Adjustments > Selective Color to boost the whites, neutral colors and blacks in an image as necessary. I am very fond of making whites as white as possible (without blowing them out).

    Self taught, I have found post processing as important to the photographic process as photography itself. If I am a better photographer than I am a graphic artist (i.e. Photoshop, et. al.) I am doing myself a disservice. Similarly, if I am a better graphic artist than I am a photographer, I am also hurting my ability to capture images. I have only been photographing for less than two years. If I ever feel I’m succeeding more in one area than the other, I stop and work on the areas that are neglected.

    I hope that explanation helps.

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