Published Again (without credit)

Edisto River 2

UPDATE: A correction can be found here.

Back in early November I was contacted by the artistic editor for the Charleston Magazine about using the above photograph in their January issue. I agreed, provided that they gave me credit as the photography, and sent specific instructions on what I wanted on the credit line.

Published in Charleston Magazine

On Christmas Eve I received a copy of the magazine. The photograph was there, as part of an article on a “Bucket List” of things to do around Charleston. It was number 39 on their list – a full page photo that spread across the gutter.

Published in Charleston Magazine

While I’m flattered that they would use the photo as a full-page, there was one problem. I wasn’t credited ANYWHERE – not on the photo, not in the article, not even on some obscure back page. Same goes for the online version.

Right now I’m thinking of sending them a hefty invoice for violation of our terms.

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Comments (4)

  1. KittieDanger

    I’m beginning to understand some people aren’t as good as their word anymore myself. It is a beautiful picture & you deserve full credit.

  2. Ken Cothran

    I’d like to hope it’s just an oversight, though a remarkably unprofessional one. Best wishes in getting a resolution. Likely someone …. well, I don’t know.

  3. Ed

    I looked at the site you linked to. It seems they don’t credit anyone for any of the photos but several items on the list (yours included) have a related advertisement listed.

    1. Tom (Post author)

      I noticed that, too, when I got the publication. I just wish the person with whom I was in contact had just told me up front that they didn’t do that.


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