PNW Southern Connections – Part 2, Tar Heel Land

One thought on “PNW Southern Connections – Part 2, Tar Heel Land”

  1. Interesting! Makes one realize how stagnant a place could become if new blood is not introduced and how it moves our culture forward as a whole. NC is a very diverse place with the eastern sections being more upwardly mobile and the dark corners such as the ones in the upstate areas of SC still exist today…since I am a transplant from Tennessee, I found some of the culture of SC to be quite odd, like the eating and growing of rice, never even heard of it back in my Cumberland mountain beginnings. However over the past 50 yrs I see the Heritage of rice growing is basically gone in SC, and to someone who has never been here I guess they only think of beach resorts, golf resorts, and low country development that is now replacing those rice plantations when they think of SC… In half a century so much can change as it must.

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