PNW Southern Connections – Part 1, The Lost Cause

4 thoughts on “PNW Southern Connections – Part 1, The Lost Cause”

  1. A very interesting story. It is frustrating when the record is wrong and there seems to never be an avenue to correct it! I have seen those round markers here in Camden and other old 1800 burial grounds.

  2. Hello, Dennis George, from Mt. Vernon. I believe that the ‘Samish’ on the Chuckanut side was a named Great Northern RR siding. On Samish Bay of course, but not related to the Samish on Samish Island. This is where Taylor Shellfish is located.

  3. In the woods just off my parents property in Bay View is an old small family plot of graves. One of the headstones is for “Esther, wife of GWL Allen” but we were never able to find record of her.

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