Plantation Ruins and a Cursed Tree

4 thoughts on “Plantation Ruins and a Cursed Tree”

  1. We walked around Comingtee for about 5 hours today on both sides of the road all over the woods. I was comparing the trees that you guys found to the one from Weird Carolinas and I don’t think it is either of those. The last one you found with the iron ring on it would definitely not be it because no one would have ever touched it to put the ring on it. Both tree trunks look too “stumpy” while the one in Weird Carolinas is taller and more of a stretch up to the branches. Of qaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawI know 200 years can change a tree but it’s just my opinion. We found two trees that we compared to the proximity of the house in the ‘Weird’ photo and both could be a match as far as looks. One of the trees had an iron post very close to it that could have been part of the fence. Both ground areas had grown up so the stone the tree grew out of would have been covered.. Matt told me to walk directly across the road from the house steps which is what I did initially. Our second attempt we went a little left of that. We searched the woods all the way back to the road on the other side. We will definitely be going back. I think we also found the slave burying ground.

  2. Hi Pam,

    You found the burial ground? Cool! I feel pretty good about locating the tree…but we never even attempted to find the slave cemetery. It had already been a long day and a mighty storm was upon us. Since a number of us had touched the tree it is probably best we didn’t risk any hain’ts in that place!

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