Pigging Out at Bacon Bros

One thought on “Pigging Out at Bacon Bros”

  1. Sorry you had a bad experience. I’ve been to Bacon Bros. probably half a dozen times over the past year and I always walk away happy. My service has always been very good (especially so in the two times I ate at the bar where the bartenders are really good). It is loud in there, for sure, unless you hit it at the right times. Overall, I’ve been very happy with the menu and the food quality. If you make it back there, try the catfish (which is fall-down great), the shrimp and grits (some of the best grits I’ve had), the brisket, the pimento cheese appetizer, the devil dust eggs, and…if you’re just having a drink…the jalapeño boiled peanuts. I won’t argue that it’s not expensive. You’re 100% right about that when compared to other Greenville-area standards. The prices could probably be cut by 20-25% and get me in there twice as often.

    Give it another shot someday!

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