Picker’s Paradise in Newberry

2 thoughts on “Picker’s Paradise in Newberry”

  1. My first husband worked at that filling station for several years. He managed the staion for Mr C T Summers in the 50’s. I have many good memories Mr Summers. He treated us like family.

  2. I have searched for some time to make contact with anyone regarding this particular hardware store. I’m a fan of the Pickers TV program and watch it whenever possible.
    In that episode in a passing shot of the counter I thought I noticed two model aircraft. One was definitely a B-24 the other was what I believe to be a B-29. All I saw was the tail section of the model I thought was a B-29. Is there any way I could contact the person at the hardware store regarding the models. Prior to my return stateside from Okinawa in 1953 I was a crew chief on a SB-29 (Air Sea Rescue version) and I would like to know more about the models if they still exist. My brother was a crew chief/top turret gunner on a B-24 in WW ll shot down over Gyor, Hungary in 1944.
    Thanks, Bill Love

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