Paddling to Ghost Island

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  1. This island is on my to-visit list, so I was very much interested in reading your report. The Oconee Point and Coneross campgrounds close for the season Sept 30. If you had chosen to come just a few days later, you would have been forced to launch much further away. Whew!

    Lake Hartwell has a few minor waterfalls in the Clemson area you may be interested in visiting sometime. One is Horsehead Point Falls, on the western side of Lake Hartwell WNW of Clemson [map and directions link], and Meadow Falls [location link], north of Clemson near Six Mile. Horsehead Falls and Meadow Falls are both reachable by water from the Twelve Mile Recreation area. Meadow Falls can also be reached by foot.

  2. You were lucky to be able to launch from oconee point. I had family members who wanted to view the island from the boat ramp. They traveled from Georgia to view it because they had researched some ancestry and found some ancestors actually buried there on Ghost island. The guard at the gate denied there being a boat ramp after I explained what we wanted to do. So, we went there only to he turned away. Very disappointing. I thought I had even read somewhere that the acoe would arrange travel out to the island by appt.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble. It sounds like you got a less friendly attendant than the one who helped me. I can assure you that there is a boat ramp there, but they did say that there was no day use – only camping. For whatever reason they let me in that day.

      I’m not aware of any group that will take folks out to the island.

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