Paddling to Columbia

3 thoughts on “Paddling to Columbia”

  1. Thanks for being our river guide. It was a great trip. I believe this was the longest single day paddle for all of us. I think we did a terrific job!

  2. I have some pictures of a short float I took a couple of days ago on the Little Pee Dee from Potato Bed landing to Punchbowl. I use your “paddling South Carolina” kmz file a lot to plan trips. Just got down here full time and am looking forward to many more. Black Mingo is next and then perhaps the Black quite a ways upstream/upstate. Do you want photos of the route? If so, where would you like them and what format?


    1. Dean – I’m glad you’re finding the files useful. I’ve been wanting to get down to the Black River and Black Mingo myself. I would love to see those photos. My best suggestion would be to pop them onto either Flickr or Picasa and send me a link. You can get a basic free account on both of those, and that way you retain control of the images and can use them as you see fit for other purposes. I’ll be able to link to them from the KMZ file if they are already online.

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