Paddling to Andersonville

7 thoughts on “Paddling to Andersonville”

  1. If you are interested in ruins the large island to the west of Andersonville Island has much more to offer. Lots of remains of old buildings and the roads are not as deteriorated.

    1. I am wondering are these islands private property or corp of engineer lands now? I would love to come and check them out as well! Especially the ones with the ruins!

  2. I live near this island and could show you lots of homeplaces. Let me know when you come back and I can be your tour guide.

    1. Hi Tonya, I lived at Portman Shoals just up the lake from the Andersonville location. I have written 2 books on the area and am in processing of writing my third. I have a ton on pictures but am always looking for other areas of the lake to cover. Do you have any interesting stories or pictures that you would be willing to share. Thanks Furman Beck

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