Paddling through Mordor

3 thoughts on “Paddling through Mordor”

  1. I have only been on Lake Russell one time. I think the landing you were shooting for is where we put in. Rather than a kayak, I was in a very fast bass boat. One of those that you trim out at about 45 kn and only the prop is in the water. If you ever have the need for speed, that is the way to go. I saw some of the islands in the boneyard tap tree areas. Beautiful habitat.

  2. Loved your adventure minus car trouble. Landscape was beautiful, haziness added a sense of mystery. And video seemed like you were stationary and the world was passing. Maybe a Beatles song. Wish I could have been there.

  3. I enjoyed your documentation of Lake Russell. I camped at the state park located on Lake Russell and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the weekend. Beautiful landscape and exceptional waterfront camping sites. Although I have kayaks, I opted for the relaxation of “floating in the cove” on the standard blow up float. One of the best weekends of my life and I plan to explore all that Lake Russell has to offer. Especially enjoyed the photos that made it seem you were the only inhabitant on the lake ! I have experienced that while camping at the state park in Santee – what a peaceful feeling !

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