Paddling Boyd’s Mill Pond

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  1. I paddled the Reedy from Hwy 76 bridge down to Boyd’s Mill Pond about 10 times this past year and the river was never the same twice. It’s a fun little run with lots of wildlife. I have seen wild pigs, beaver, turkey, and birds, birds, birds. The scenery is constantly changing and I love the high rock cliffs, makes me feel like I’m in the mountains. There are usually many sandbars to stop and hangout or takeb

  2. I really enjoyed reading this and hour pictures. I love learning about the history of this area. My son, cousin and I just paddled it this morning. We really enjoyed it!

  3. How long is this float ( time wise) ? What type of water ,rapids, calm , jammed up , combination ect..? Has anyone checked this section of the river since the big rain ?

  4. Just as an update:

    There is a brand new park going in right now that should open up between late August and Early September of 2016. This park will be at Tumbling Shoals (Where the Reedy River goes under Highway 76). The new park will have kayak access and it will be about 4.5 miles from the park to Boyd’s Mill Pond. I paddled it a few months ago and with the mild current and steady but relaxed paddling we made it in about an hour. Water was deep enough at the time that no one got stuck and while there were a few trees down, there was always a way around. As usual though…. it is always subject to change.

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