One Night in Santee

2 thoughts on “One Night in Santee”

  1. I agree with all of the bad remarks that I have read. I espically liked the one indicating that the lounge was more important than the hotel. We spent a very bad night on Christmas night. The police had to be called to try and reduce the deep bass sound coming from the lounge. The hotel people would no nothing. We finally were able to go to sleep after 2:00am when the band quit. I expected 8 hours sleep and could only get 4 hours. The hotel refused to move us or return any of our money. I should have paid with VISA and indicated no service.

  2. It is funny that the Lounge closed 9:00 pm 12/24/10 .and was closed on 12/25/10  Christmas day! The Lounge did not open until Monday 12/27/10 . The lounge did not have any entertainment until 12/29/10  just to let you know that the police were not and have not ever been called to the lounge, but these events in the banquet rooms with emmetts on the  interstate have had alot of issues so before you call the kettle black maybe you should try one of of pop tarts!

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