Newberry Schools and Churches Ramble – Part One

6 thoughts on “Newberry Schools and Churches Ramble – Part One”

  1. Another excellent blog and photo journey, Tom!

    I was doing a bit of the same this weekend in neighboring Joanna, Cross Hill, and Clinton. It seems the latter part of my life is taking me back in time to old ancestral stomping grounds of long ago greats and great-greats. It’s a fascinating and emotional trip.

    Keep the great blogs coming. I love them.

  2. Could it be that the Old Hannah Rosenwald School was known as Utopia and the new one was never “officially” nicknamed after the old one? Either way, you’ve officially confused the heck out me. [Realizes it is going over his head, just nods in agreement.]

    “Hannah Rosenwald School, built during the 1924-1925 school year, replaced the older Hannah School. Known in Rosenwald School records as the “Utopia School” after the local community, Hannah Rosenwald School was built on four acres of land near Hannah A.M.E. Church, which relocated across the road from the school in 1952”

    1. Basically what I’m saying is that you’re right. I see that
      both a deadfall and a Hannah (utopia) school exist. Could the Old Hannah school have been the one that was called utopia and not the new one? Since the area was called utopia it would be easy to mix up that the new one was never “really” identified as “utopia”. Still, when asked people might be likely to say, “ya, I remember when they built the new Utopia school.” Anyway, that was about all I could figure out. Like I said, you went kind of over my head.

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