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  1. If you haven’t paid this “little slice of Heaven” a visit, you are surely missing out!
    My first visit was later in the evening, and the owner was there baking. He drives quite a distance from his day job as a pastry chef, to come and bake at night there. The smell when I walked in was enough to lure me back for good, but when I tried the ‘just out of the oven’ samples, I knew my New Years resolution was in TROUBLE!! I have taken my children back since, and we have tried just about everything, and I must say, we haven’t found one thing that was not a gift to the palette. There have even been things that I never cared for before that I loved from there. Their pastries are huge, and well worth the money. Their pies are as big as most cakes, and the cakes even bigger. Items such as the guava cream cheese turnover, teramisu, banana cream pie, and cheese cakes are mouth watering, but the one item that has even my husband returning is the huge apple delight, presented on the counter. It is the perfect “man desert” for lack of a better term. It is cinnamen, brown sugary goodness, that is filled with what tastes like fresh apples, lots and lots of fresh apples!They even have homemade sugared donuts with cream, that my kids gave a big thumbs up to, and even said they never thought they would find any donut that they preferred over the’hot now’ ones. Each time that we have gone in, we have received free samples, not your grocery store samples, but entire deserts. The service is always good and the people that work there are among some of the nicest you would ever meet. There is true talent at work in the kitchen.
    The menu items are equally as good, with American sandwiches having a twist added here and there to make it their own, and the breads for the sandwiches are to die for! One could never go into this place and one, come out hungry, two- not want to return.
    If you have missed this jewel, do yourself a favor and GO! The only thing that I could ever see as a problem here would be that it is overlooked due to its location, and that people just don’t see that area, but it is certainly worth the effort to get to it. Hopefully this will be one of our treasures for a long long time to come.
    Do yourself a favor the next time you need a desert for a get together, or want to take something to the office- go by Nations Bakery!

  2. Nations Bakery is the best! co-oped in Duncan at AFL Telecommunications and stumbled upon this place when looking for a new place to eat. I would say that I have been there about 30 times in the past 7 months. I have tried everything on the menu and it’s all delicious. I think the best are the Empanadas and the Roast Pork Sandwich. They have a Calabash Calzone that isn’t on the menu and they don’t always have it. But when they do, it is great! The homemade fires are awesome, and come with every sandwich. But can be substituted for many other items. Each sandwich always comes with some fruit (strawberry, cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.) and it’s always delicious! At first they I couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant, and they have an Ecuadorian burger (which is awesome) so I just referred to it as Ecuador. And now that’s what everyone at my work refers to it as. So go visit Ecuador (AKA Nation’s Bakery) it is AWESOME!

  3. I’m personally & secretly calling Nation’s Bakery
    “DREAM BAKERY” because it IS like a dream come true for me!

    Ever since my husband and I moved to Greenville we were missing good bakeries / cafes, but we finally found a great one in Lyman!

    If we had this bakery in Greenville, we would probably go almost everyday because even if you go everyday you can always find something different to try. AND everything is delicious.

    The owner and all the workers there are very friendly and we can tell that they are simply good people. They care about their goods and customers. It’s precious to have a store/restaurant with such warm and welcoming atmosphere nowadays.

    Their egg sandwich on croissant w/ cheese, lettuce & tomato is heavenly yummy (we don’t eat meat, so we can’t comment on many other great looking sandwiches with meats).

    There are too many sweets I love there, and everything is very reasonable, too.

    It’s also a great place for beautifully decorated cakes and sweets/pastries to offer at your home parties!!

  4. Just ate at this restaurant for the first time……. and it will be my last. Did not enjoy the sandwich I ate. The pork tasted old. Purchased a dessert and it tasted stale also. Spent 13.00 and felt like everything was overpriced. As I ate my sandwich I watched a tiny roach crawl around the floor. It never came close to my table so I didnt get up and step on it.

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