Mysterious Mayucha and The Wolf Pit

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  1. Hey, how’s it going? Nice to finally see someone else on here interested in this mysterious place. I live in East Tennessee, and I moved to the Six Mile area back in about 2004. My brother n law had lived there his whole life, and told me the story about this place. So we decided to go an hunt it out. He had gotten an area map from a guy his wife was friends with who was a land surveyor and he said he actually surveyed in Mayucha. We went to a place called Moody Cove, right off of Cheohee Valley Road if I can remember correctly. There was this large white farm house when you first go in, and we had to sneak our way past it and get behind it. There are two creeks that come off of the mountain back there and merge to flow into the cove. We decided to follow those creeks thinking that the town (being a gold mining town) would more than likely be located on those creeks. Well I think we went the wrong direction because we never found it, and ended up in the National Forest. I feel we were in the general vacinity but we ran outta daylight to go back the other way. I tried like hell for years to get him to go back up there but never could get him to go back. I would really like to find this place sometime. Good luck, and I hope that you find it, and maybe this info might help that is if we were at the right place. Take care… David Busick.

    1. I looked for Tunnel Hill and all I found was open field. I had the GPS coordinates but found zip.


  2. Oh, by the way. We found the grave of Samuel L. Moody the postmaster of the town. He told me that legend has it that he went by the nickname black bag Moody cause he always carried a black leather bag on him… Not sure what was in the bag exactly but I am assuming it was probably a large gold nugget from Mayucha!!

  3. Check maps for this waterfall, could be a clue:

    Cheohee Or Miuka Falls

    This 75 foot waterfall on Townes Creek can be easily viewed with a 45 minute hike. Drive north from Walhalla on SC 28 and bear right on Highway 107. Drive 8.7 miles and park on right. Follow the Winding Stairs Trail beginning at yellow posts on right. Trail turns right after .2 miles, joining Cherry Hill Recreation Area path. Take a sharp left at 1 mile. Continue .3 miles to clearing and hear the falls. Hike through the foliage to the creek.

    **Not far from Moody Creek and Lake Cheohee

  4. I know where the gold town Mayucha was located. There is very little left of it. The forest service got rid of most of it so not to keep it up.

  5. Hello,
    i am kenny sams that has the info about the town of mayucha.
    anyone may call me and i wil be glad to help you locate it…its very easy to get to.
    kenny sams
    posted jan 20 2015

  6. From the descriptions, it sounds like Mayucha was located on the present day Winding Stairs Road close to its intersection with Jumping Branch Road.
    Kenny or Danny, is this correct?

  7. I’d love to go panning there sometime! Is there a cave somewhere they used to mine gold from? Always heard a legend that it was cursed and whoever tried to take gold from it would die. Never found the place to check it out.

  8. There is a very wide road near yellow branch that leads down towards winding stairs and jumping branch. You can locate a large cliff face that was obviously quarried for stone. We guessed that there was possibly a hammer mill somewhere and we were able to find one of the hammers. The three of us could barely manage to lift it up. Back then they would not have went to such laborious work unless it was for something important. My guess that the town was located in this area.

    1. I had heard there was a post office, at one point, maybe just a foundation left now if that. Also heard about a cursed cave that they used to mine gold out of? Never have had this accurately confirmed by anyone. I would appreciate it if someone could though.

      1. Most all of the ones that had knowledge of all this are diseased . I married into this Alexander family in the 70’s and I’ve herd of all the tales that were told and passed down through the generations . We owned some pasture (bottoms) land near WOLF PIT Cemetery where my husband was cleaning up an old log building up on a hillside that had fell in when he discovered a grave site of a STAR GENERAL ; there is no history of this that we could find but the stone is in the ground …

  9. Hey! Great write up Sir. I would like to add that the small building on campus TDAR school is in fact the first Tamassee PO. The school itself was founded in 1919. I was on staff from 1987 till 1995,wonderful area and folks. I am also interested in this lost town for I believe my 3rd great grandfather had land nearby,I’m trying to make a family tree and he is a mystery.


  10. Hello, to you Mr. Sam’s,,have not seen you last time was 2000,,, I’m Tim Green,anybody interested in hiking them hills let me know …

  11. Just a bit of information: Please keep in mind that if you are on Forest Service land, you are not able to dig for anything. Also, if you want to pan for gold go to the FS office near Mountain Rest and get a panning permit (they are no cost). If you find any equipment or artifacts also leave them there and alone so that you don’t end up getting into trouble with the FS. Hate to see anyone who is out trying to have fun end up going to court in Greenville with a ticket. Have a great day!

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