Mid-Week Jocassee

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Jocassee”

  1. Cool! Interesting how much better the video plays on the blog site than it does on Flickr. Probably much lower res/file size here.

    I am amazed by the range of greens you captured on the trip. My two main watercolor sets have a great range of greens. I saw pretty much all of them at some point in the water. Plus a decent set of blues, though not as diverse as the greens IMO. Beautiful stuff.

    1. Something else to consider. Each of the two main sets of Whitewater Falls is some 400 + feet in elevation change. Prior to the building of Joccasse, the river would have had to fall another 300 – 380 feet to get to the base of the dam. In just a few miles. I think that’s rather amazing, and wonder if it happened through a falls or rapids or just a descent. I remember the river in the bottom of the valley from when I was a child, and it was flat down there. Clear as glass, and peaceful.

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