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  1. Hi Tom,

    Well, this is a remarkable missive and sharing on the Monday Irish session indeed, I’m impressed with your dedication to and on this blog.

    I feel the need to correct you that the guitar is a very welcome and common instrument in contemporary Irish music and has been for at least 40 years. Its all about the skill and knowledge, and nothing about it is easy. You and the guitar are most welcome and yes, its about playing softly and under the music especially when learning. Oh and my instrument is the Irish bouzouki, close to a cittern but different.

    I’ll be playing with a superb Irish and Americana guitarist, Sam Vogt, this weekend at Lovitt Restaurant in Fairhaven from 6-8 this Friday evening for a dinner show, then at The Old World Deli for a 6-8 dinner show on Saturday, just in case you’re free to come hear us and him play. We call ourselves ‘Half Six’.

    The melodica would be fine as well if you can play any of the tunes on it….
    It takes time, a long time, but with your musical knowledge and skill level not nearly as much as a for a beginner. Its about deep listening, absorbing, and playing softly to see how the chords might go at the session (not a jam, we rather ovoid that word), and then studying and practicing at home. The Bellingham Ceili Club has a website, a FB page, and a tune list that the slow session at the Bellingham Folk School learns and practices. Be patient and it sounds like you’re determined so that is wonderful. The slow session is truly a great vibe and place to grow, as is the session with the proper etiquette 🙂

    It was nice meeting you and I hope you feel welcome to come back if you’re wanting to develop the guitar within this music.


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