Literary Characters on Social Networking

One thought on “Literary Characters on Social Networking”

  1. This is a very exciting project! I recently gave presentations at NASSP and ASCD (annual conferences) and at both I described just such a project using Ning.

    I told my audience about the project that a teacher did a few years ago using MySpace (historical figures), and while I didn’t have an example from that project (no longer available online), I did describe how teachers could use Ning to allow students to create profiles for either historical or fictional characters — or even topics from science (elements, organisms, etc.) — and have those characters/figures/organisms interact with one another on the social network. Who would they be friends with? What kinds of blog posts would they write? What would they list for favorites? What kinds of photos might they post? The possibilities are endless.

    I hope you can follow up this post later with some discussion of how the project turns out. It would be great if you could even provide examples of student work!

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